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TitlePresenter / AuthorEventDateLink
How do we assess task-based performance?Dr. John M. Norris
Georgetown University
Testing and Assessment Webinar
April 3, 2014Full Description, Handouts, Recording Link, PPT
Assessing VocabularyDr. John ReadLARC/CALPER Testing and Assessment WebinarFeb. 19, 2014View descriptions and recording, download the ppt and handout
Assessing Language Using Computer TechnologyDr. Volker H. Hegelheimer
Iowa State University
Testing and Assessment WebinarApril 10, 2013Description, Handouts and PPT
Developing Rubrics for Language AssessmenDr. James Dean Brown
University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
Testing and Assessment WebinarThursday
February 21, 2013
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Description & Register
Pathways to Excellence: Using Backward Design Principles for Instruction and AssessmentDr. Donna Clementi
Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin
Testing and Assessment WebinarNovember 29, 2012Play Recording
Full Description
Handouts and PPT
Assessing ReadingDr. Cindy Brantmeier Testing and Assessment WebinarOctober 23, 2012Play Recording
View/Download the PPT
2012 Social Media and Language Teaching WorkshopFacilitator: Evan RubinLARC Summer WorkshopJuly 30-August3, 2012View the 2012 workshop wiki, participant blogs, and recorded presentations
Online Tools to Provide Just-in-time Support and
Resources for your Students
Nicole NaditzCLTA Webinar SeriesMay 16, 2012Play Recording
Assessing Speaking: Putting the Pieces TogetherGlenn Fulcher, PhD
University of Leicester, UK
Testing and Assessment WebinarApril 19, 2012Play Recording
Full Description
Handout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3
Assessing ListeningDr. Larry Vandergrift
University of Ottawa
Testing and Assessment Webinar
Feb. 23, 2012Play
Customizing Streaming Video Playback: A Progress ReportHarold Hendricks
IALLT President-Elect
BYU Humanities Technology & Research Center
Jan. 13, 2012Play
Concepts and Tools of Digital Story TellingFelix KronenbergSWALLT Online
Dec. 9, 2012Play
Assessing WritingDr. Sara Cushing Weigle
Georgia State University
Testing and Assessment Webinar
Dec. 8, 2011Play
Beyond Accountability: Using Formative Assessment to Improve LearningDr. Carl Falsgraf
Director of the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) and the Oregon Chinese Flagship
Testing and Assessment Webinar
Oct. 27, 2011Play
Online Voice Recording Tools for Language Practice: Skype, VoiceThread, and VokiEvan Rubin
Trevor Shanklin
Brown Bag Workshop
Fall 2011
Nov. 4, 2011Play
How to create a Digital Talking Book (DTB)Sarie Kazemi
Trevor Shanklin
Brown bag workshop
Fall 2011
Oct. 21, 2011Play
Create a Moodle ClassTrevor Shanklin
Evan Rubin
Brown Bag Workshop
Fall 2011
Oct. 7, 2011Play
SWALLT Conference 2012 - DiscussionAndrew RossSWALLT Online
Oct. 7, 2011Play
Following through: Using Language Center Resources and Social Media to Enhance the Foreign Language CurriculumEvan Rubin
Trevor Shanklin
Brown bag workshop
Fall 2011
Sept. 16, 2011Play
If You Build It, Will They Come? Building the New Technology Commons at UCSFRyan BrazellSWALLT Online
Sept. 9, 2011Play
Recreating the Language Lab using MoodleTrevor ShanklinMoodle Moot
Conference Presentation
July 2011View PDF
LARC Summer Social Media Workshop ArchivesEvan Rubin, Kyle Murley, and Guest PresentersSummer WorkshopAug. 8-12, 2011View
How to Deliver an Elluminate WebinarEvan RubinBrown Bag WorkshopMay 6, 2011Play Recording
Integrating Performance Assessment into World Language Learning and TeachingDr. Meg MaloneTesting & Assessment WebinarMay 5, 2011Play Recording
Download PPT
View Podcast
Google FormsEvan RubinBrown Bag WorkshopApril 22, 2011Play Recording
CAST Oral AssessmentTrevor ShanklinBrown Bag WorkshopMarch 18, 2011Play Recording
Asynchronous Verbal Communication Tools - BYKI, Voki, VoiceThread, and Garage BandTrevor Shanklin & Evan RubinBrown Bag WorkshopMarch 4, 2011Play Recording
Thematic Units, Assessment, and Differentiation Instruction: Learning with a purposeToni TheisenSTARTALK Teacher TrainingFeb. 19, 2011Play Recording
Wiki Resources
Synchronous Verbal Communication Tools - Skype & ElluminateTrevor Shanklin & Evan RubinBrown Bag Workshop - Spring 2011Feb. 18, 2011Play Recording
Foreign Language Classroom Assessment in Support of Teaching and LearningDr. Matt PoehnerTesting and Assessment WebinarFeb. 10, 2011
  • Play Recording
  • Backward Design: Learning with a PurposeToni TheisenSTARTALK Teacher Jan. 29, 2011Play Recording
    Wiki Resources
    Dr. Matt Poehner Presentation Introduction Podcast - Dynamic AssessmentDr. Matt Poehner Testing & Assessment WebinarJan. 20, 2011Podcast
    2011 Spring Kick Off WorkshopEvan Rubin & Trevor ShanklinWorkshopJan. 13, 2011Play Recording
    LARC ACTFL 2010 PresentationsLARC StaffPresentationNov. 2010View List
    Transformation through Empowerment in Filipino Language and CultureCouncil for Teaching Filipino Language and Culture (CTFLC)2nd International Conference ArchivesJan. 16-17, 2010View Archives
    Workshop Introductions - Elluminate, Agenda, Themes Evan RubinSocial Media WorkshopAug. 9, 2010Play Recording
    Social media, persistent virtualities, and plurilingual competence: An agenda for research and praxis Steve ThorneSocial Media WorkshopAug. 10, 2010Play Recording
    ACTFL Standards and the 5 Cs Nicole NaditzSocial Media WorkshopAug. 9, 2010Play Recording
    Social Media Tools for Collaboration Presented: PrimaryPad and VoiceThread Michelle Olah & Catalina Bohorquez Social Media WorkshopAug. 9, 2010Play Recording
    E-Live (Elluminate) and PhotoStory 3 Glenn CakeSocial Media WorkshopAug. 9, 2010Play Recording
    Using Blogs To Enhance Student Learning - EduBlogs Ronnie BurtSocial Media WorkshopAug. 11, 2010Play Recording
    Using Skype in the Second and Foreign Language Classroom Dr. Sarah EatonSocial Media WorkshopAug. 11, 2010Play Recording
    ESL Writing Online Workshop (ESL-WOW) Project Presented Claire Bradin Siskin Social Media WorkshopAug. 12, 2010Play Recording
    Twittering Spanish 3 Students: Experiences from the classroomChris BrownSocial Media WorkshopAug. 12, 2010Play Recording
    Yabla and other LARC ResourcesTrevor ShanklinBrown Bag Workshop - Fall 2010Sept. 10, 2010Play Recording
    Elluminate – Webinars, presentations, classes, and lectures online anytime anywhereEvan RubinBrown Bag Workshop - Fall 2010Sept. 17, 2010Play Recording
    Moodle Basics Trevor ShanklinBrown Bag Workshop - Fall 2010Sept. 24, 2010Play Recording
    Taking care of your computersMarcia LedezmanBrown Bag Workshop - Fall 2010Oct. 1, 2010Play Recording
    YouTube – Behind the scenesEvan RubinBrown Bag Workshop - Fall 2010Oct. 8, 2010Play Recording
    Q&A Responses
    Making Videos with Windows Live Movie MakerEvan RubinBrown Bag Workshop - Fall 2010Oct. 15, 2010Play Recording
    Creating Podcasts to Deliver Commented Audio FilesTrevor ShanklinBrown Bag Workshop - Fall 2010Oct. 22, 2010Play Recording
    Google DocsEvan RubinBrown Bag Workshop - Fall 2010Oct. 29, 2010Play Recording
    Blog, Study Abroad, and TechnologyEvan RubinBrown Bag Workshop - Fall 2010Nov. 5, 2010Play Recording
    Universal DesignTrevor ShanklinBrown Bag Workshop - Fall 2010Nov. 12, 2010Play Recording
    Blogs and Blogging - Part AKarl RichterSocial Media WebinarsOct. 15, 2009Play Recording
    Blogs and Blogging - Part BKarl RichterSocial Media WebinarsOct. 22, 2009Play Recording
    Blogs and Blogging - Part CKarl RichterSocial Media WebinarsOct. 29, 2009Play Recording
    YouTube and Friends - Part AKarl RichterSocial Media WebinarsNov. 5, 2009Play Recording
    YouTube and Friends - Part BKarl RichterSocial Media WebinarsNov. 12, 2009Play Recording
    Twitter and Language Learning TutorialChris BrownTutorialJuly 1, 2010Play
    Voki in the Language Classroom - How to create, record your voice, and embed a VokiEvan RubinTutorialNov. 1, 2010Play
    LARC's Moodle - Basics, Embed Media, Create an AssignmentEvan RubinTutorialNov. 1, 2010Play