• The Interactive French Civilization course is a complete and organized documentary source dealing with the evolution of France, and it provides a comprehensive overview of the major sociological, political, and artistic events since the beginning of its history. It has been created with both the teacher and the student in mind, and it presents each with various types of materials they can explore in different ways. The core content of the course is delivered through 21 textbook chapters containing 500 illustrations, 950 verified references, and 530 hyperlinks. Its purpose is to methodically explore and define what may be the distinctive features of the French culture. It provides comprehensive explanations about its evolution over the centuries through a rich source of references that can be used for both teaching and research. There are two versions of the textbook: a traditional, printed format, and a flipbook version. More than 1000 links are embedded within the illustrations and the references to aid teachers in achieving the pedagogical goals.

  • In addition to this core material, a simplified interactive html5 version of the textbook, created with Articulate Storyline®, allows for quick browsing of the course content. It has been designed using the principles of student-centered learning and it taps into learners’ natural inclination to explore, discover, and interpret information through interaction. With this in mind, learners are provided with ample access to various multimedia links and resources.

  • Finally, full movies and selected movie samples have been collected and organized so that they can easily be embedded within the learning management systems such as BlackBoard® or Moodle®. Their purpose is to visually illustrate the cultural evolution of the inhabitants of France, and to inspire learners to further their study of the French culture and language.

Main Features

  • Printed format & digital textbook (flipbook) + simplified interactive version (html);

  • +900 verified references and +500 hyperlinks

  • Video library with selected movies and movie samples

  • English version currently developed to reach French 101 learners;

  • Designed for flipped classroom environments & Lesson Plan Generator (LPG) compatible;

  • Extra modules to be developed by HS / MS collaborators;

  • Free access to resources granted under certain conditions.


Dr. Mary Ann Lyman-Hager

French civilization project director
Professor of French civilization at the Department of European Studies

Phone: (619) 594-5480