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The Interactive French civilization course approaches the study of French civilization through the history of the major events, as well as the artistic and ideological currents, which arose from the earliest time to nowadays. Its objective is to offer readers possible lines of reflection about the civilization process in Western Europe, in order to better understand what France is and who its inhabitants are: is there a French cultural identity? How to define it? And, above all, how historical events may have influenced today’s social, economic and political actuality in France and Europe? In writing on this book, our concern was to offer an exploration of the key phases of the French civilization process, providing numerous historical and historiographical mentions, besides a rich iconographic documentation. Indeed, in addition to its 500+ illustrations, this publication comes up with more than 1000 Internet links, as well as bibliographic and cinematographic references, for the purpose of accuracy and clarity.

• Two volumes:

Available at Montezuma publishing.
– Vanleene, François and Mary Ann Lyman-Hager. Cours de civilisation français interactif. 1. Du début jusqu’à 1795. San Diego State University: Montezuma Press, 2016. 244 pp.
– Vanleene, François and Mary Ann Lyman-Hager. Cours de civilisation français interactif. 2. Du Premier Empire jusqu’à nos jours. San Diego State University: Montezuma Press, 2017. 270 pp.

• Digital version:

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A free sample of the chapter 14 is available here.

At San Diego State University (SDSU), where French civilization has been taught for years, teachers have had difficulty addressing the student struggles in learning both the course content and the language at the same time, because such a topic compels learners to process authentic materials using abstract reasoning and critical thinking skills. For this reason, efforts have been made at LARC to develop an online course, complemental with the textbook, featuring interactive contents to maximize students’ autonomy and motivation. The text of this version is largely based on the Cours de civilisation française interactif, but it has been reduced to its simplest expression to accommodate the needs of learners with an intermediate level in French language. It also has been designed to facilitate student’s learning in a flipped classroom environment.

Vanleene, François, Lise Mercurol and Mary Ann Lyman-Hager. Cours de civilisation française en ligne. San Diego State University: LARC, 2016.

All the chapters are available on Moodle. (The creation of an account is requested. Please, contact Dr François Vanleene for more information.)

A free sample of the chapter 14 is available here. To display the course at its best, it is highly recommended to use the Firefox browser.


Dr Mary Ann Lyman Hager

French civilization project director
Professor of French civilization at the Department of European Studies

Phone: (619) 594-5480

Dr François Vanleene

French civilization project coordinator and resources designer
French language instructor and researcher in applied linguistics

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