Dr. Farid Saydee

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Farid Saydee, Ph.D., is the Associated Director and the Director of Instruction at the Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) at San Diego State University (SDSU). He earned his Ph.D. in Education from SDSU/Claremont Graduate University in the fall of 2014. His dissertation focused on the role teachers’ beliefs have on their professional development and classroom performances.

At LARC, Saydee oversees the development of curriculum and instruction for languages of Central and South America, Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East, offered through Language Training Center (LTC) and Project Global Officer (Project GO) programs. He also conducts research and presents his findings at local and national conferences. Saydee is a published author of several scholarly articles, and the principle author, or co-author of three textbooks in Pashto and two in Dari.

Since 2013, Saydee has been the Program Director for STARTALK, a federally funded teacher training and student camp at SDSU. Recently, he has been selected to serve as a site visitor for STARTALK programs offered at other institutions.

Saydee is an ILR and OPI ACTFL certified Dari and Pashto tester and mentor for Dari and Pashto testers. Additionally, he has been certified to rate English OPICs and Writing Proficiency Tests (WPT).

In 2012, under Saydee’s supervision and direction, the LARC Pashto instructors developed a proficiency-driven curriculum that enabled students (with zero proficiency at the beginning) to complete a 320-hour course with ILR L1/ or above. The curriculum was later adapted to teach other languages at LARC. Under Saydee’s guidance, the Pashto instructors also developed a Global Performance Assessment tool which measures students’ performance in all four modalities as well as their knowledge about the target language culture. The test was endorsed by ACTFL as a reliable and valid tool.

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