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Webinar - Dr. Margaret E. Malone

Topic: Integrating Performance Assessment into World Language Learning and Teaching

Date: May 5, 2011 (Closed)



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How many of us have studied a language and then found ourselves unable to perform even the most basic daily tasks in the language? Integrating performance assessment into world language curricula is one way to minimize the likelihood of such an outcome. This webinar explores the purposes and uses for performance assessment in world language classrooms. Many language instructors and learners want to know the extent to which an assessment can capture how well a student will be able to complete real-life tasks when using the target language (Bachman & Palmer, 1996; Stoynoff & Chapelle, 2005). The webinar will begin with a description of performance assessment, how it aligns with learning and teaching purposes, and its uses for the classroom. Next, we will explore how to integrate performance assessment into language classrooms, including developing tasks and rubrics that will support such activities (Norris et al, 2008). During this part, we will examine one or more typical performance assessment tasks, and we will discuss how to adapt them to your needs. Finally, we will discuss the logistics of performance assessment and brainstorm ways to integrate meaningful performance assessment within the constraints of available resources.

Dr. Margaret E. Malone

Senior Testing Associate, Center for Applied Linguistics, and Co-Director, National Capital Language Resource Center

Margaret E. Malone directs projects on assessment research, develops technology-mediated tests of oral proficiency, and provides professional development on language assessment to teachers. Her projects include survey research on user beliefs about the TOEFL, developing assessment literacy for language instructors, evaluating the effectiveness of a national effort to teach critical languages during the summer, and developing assessments for short-term language programs.

Before re-joining CAL in 2000, she directed language testing for Peace Corps-Worldwide and designed and provided technical assistance to language programs in six U.S. states via the Evaluation Assistance Center East She has taught graduate level courses in language testing and teaching methods at Georgetown University and American University. She is a member of the Editorial Review Board of the Language Assessment Quarterly, Secretary of the International Association of Language Testers, and Co-Founder of the East Coast Organization of Language Testers.