The Mandarin Chinese Language Practice Group (LPG) was established in May of 2012. Teacher representatives (which included certified, exchange and community-based teachers) met with Dr. Rebecca Sapien-Melchor, SAILN site director and Anne Chu, Confucius Institute, Coordinator, San Diego State University and LPG lead facilitator, Xe Chu, Fellow, SAILN Project. A SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) needs assessment was conducted for Mandarin Chinese teachers working in public school Confucius Classrooms and private Community-Based Saturday schools, Grades K-12.

Needs identified among Mandarin Chinese Teachers are:

  1. Lack of Mandarin Chinese teacher collaboration opportunities, Grades K-12.
  2. Lack of customized Professional Development for Mandarin Chinese teachers.
  3. Unable to participate in a school or district sponsored Professional Learning Community (PLC) work group to foster student improvement (due to a low number of Mandarin Chinese teachers within the district).
  4. No standardized Mandarin Chinese tests/assessments at the elementary and
    middle school level to measure language proficiency.
  5. Need to learn effective ways to adapt age appropriate materials/resources.
  6. A need for a common curriculum, materials and a course of study at the
    elementary and middle school level.

Professional development needs unique to this language practice group are:

  1. A need for a New Teacher Orientation Workshop in the Fall.
  2. The use of technology (Technology for the 21st Century Skills) in the Mandarin
    Chinese language.
  3. Sharaton Workshop: An opportunity to exchange of effective materials,
    resources, instructional strategies and pre-developed lesson plans.

To address these needs SAILN will:

  1. Collaborate with the Confucius Institute, San Diego State University in
    the development and the offering of a “New Teacher Orientation” scheduled for
    August 2012.
  2. Co-sponsor a “Technology Workshop” to be offered in Mandarin
    Chinese, Saturday, October 20, 2012.
  3. Collaborate in the development of a “Mandarin Chinese
    Sharaton of Ideas” to exchange information by teachers on materials,
    resources, instructional.

SAILN support:

  1. SAILN will continue to support Mandarin Chinese teachers through the
    Community of Practice (CoP), Mandarin Chinese Language Practice Group
    Meetings (2012-14).
  2. SAILN will continue to mentor the Mandarin Chinese teachers enrolled in
    the Professional Learning Institutes, Tier II and Tier III cadre.