Winter/Spring 2018 Portuguese Classes

The Language Acquisition Resource Center at San Diego State University is organizing Portuguese language classes for children aged 9-12. The classes will take place every Saturday morning in February and March 2018 at LARC. Each class will last 90 minutes, and will be offered at no cost to students and their families.
The classes are designed for heritage and non-heritage learners who are either complete beginners or who are somewhere on the novice level of the proficiency scale. On the registration form we ask your child to check the statements that accurately describe what they can do in Portuguese. These statements are used solely to help our instructor gauge the current proficiency level of the students so that they can prepare better for the classes. If you feel that your child can do more with the language than implied by the statements on the registration form, these classes are probably not for them. We are working hard however to create classes for higher proficiency levels too.
While we appreciate the support that children get from their families to pursue this amazing opportunity, we expect children, and not just parents, to show strong motivation to attend these classes. We are looking for students with a strong desire to learn who are excited to open the doors to new cultures.
The classes are open to 10 motivated students who are expected to attend all nine classes. If you do not think your child will be able to attend most of these classes, please don’t register and leave the space for students who can attend regularly. Spots will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Points of Contact

Nadezda Novakovic, Portuguese Program Director

Cassia de Abreu, Program Coordinator