Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Persian

July 24- August 4, 2017

Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) at San Diego State University (SDSU) will offer another residential, on-site (80 hrs, M-F) STARTALK teacher training workshop in summer of 2016. The program will be opened to teachers with foundational knowledge of STARTALK-endorsed principles.

During the first week of the program, the teacher participants will attend presentations, see live models, participate in discussions, and work on hands-on group activates to develop knowledge about effective teaching and learning practices. The main focus of the program will be on content-based instruction in a learner-centered classroom.

During the second week, the teacher participants will put their gained knowledge into practice. They will prepare teaching materials and teach actual students, multiple times.

At the end of the program the successful participants will receive certificate of completion in their specific language; earn three units graduate level college credit; and be offered further professional development opportunities through SAILN/California World Language Project (CWLP).