Mrs. Breshna Aziz

Dari Lead Instructor

Breshna Aziz Mrs. Aziz has a Master's degree in Educational Theology and Instructional Design and a B.A. in Communication from San Diego State University. Mrs. Aziz has experience in implementing world language pedagogy. She is a fellow of California World Language Project (CWLP), ACTFL OPI certified Dari proficiency tester, and a teacher trainer. She often presents on the concepts of best practices in teaching and learning at the national level. Mrs. Aziz has been involved with Startalk Programs at LARC since 2010. Mrs. Aziz has recently developed a Dari Global Performance Assessment test based on the guidelines for oral (OPI) and written (WPT) proficiency.
Mrs. Aziz has taught Dari to different age groups and levels at SDSU since 2013. Her online developed interactive Dari course has received national attention. The course has 20 thematic lessons and is supported by interactive animated cartoon characters which makes learning easy and fun.