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Reminder to Vote – Deadline February 28th

Dear SWALLT Members,
IALLT has asked regional group leaders to remind and encourage members to vote in the IALLT elections.
After going over recent IALLT announcements and thoroughly researching the candidates, I would like to share some of my own reasons why voting is especially important this year.
1. There are six outstanding candidates including four from the SWALLT region.
2. New international IALLT affiliations with IndiaCALL and AsiaCALL promise to greatly expand the depth and breadth of the IALLT global community and to raise the importance and prestige of the entire organization. Your vote will help to determine how new relationships will be cultivated and new bridges built.
3. IALLT’s dynamic, enterprise level web platform now allows IALLT to model the kind of innovation that challenging times demand.  Your vote is needed to select a candidate with the vision and experience to inspire and operationalize such innovation.

The hard work of the IALLT Board and its members has positioned IALLT to become more truly international in scope, and the  organization’s web presence is now infrastructured adequately to uphold and expand IALLT’s mission.  There has never been a more exciting time to be or become an IALLT member.  On behalf of the SWALLT Board, I encourage you to add your voice.

Vote Online – (login required)
You must be an IALLT member in good standing to vote.  You may become a new member or renew your membership on the IALLT site at this link.  If you are unsure whether it is time to renew your IALLT membership, you may inquire at

Most Sincerely,

Joseph Kautz, President, Southwest Association for Language Learning Technology
Head, Stanford Digital Language Lab

Modern Language Association Call for Papers


Session title: Foreign Language Cultural Literacy and Web 2.0

The 2009 Horizon Report on emerging technologies details a multiplicity of technology trends that are already having an impact on foreign language teaching. These drivers of change in higher education include awareness of globalization, openness to accelerated information sharing, and advances in collaborative networking and collective knowledge production.

For one of its 2011 MLA sessions, the Committee on the Division of Language Teaching seeks papers that examine how practices and tools associated with Web 2.0 and the use of instructional technology more generally can be effectively used to enhance foreign language teaching and learning. Presentations are invited on multi-media curriculum design that advances foreign language literacy objectives, especially models that can serve a broad range of departmental contexts.

We are especially interested in research that has been conducted in the following areas:

  • Initiatives that enhance cultural learning and the development of foreign language skills through the use of instructional technology (e.g., global simulations, gaming, asynchronous or synchronous exchanges);
  • Discussion and analysis of applications for the incorporation of personal mobile devices into language classes;
  • Outcomes assessment (qualitative and quantitative) related to the implementation of technology-enriched curriculum in language instruction contexts;
  • Curriculum development initiatives that strengthen the ability of institutions to offer less commonly taught languages;
  • Examples of cross-institutional collaboration in foreign language instruction that demonstrate or show the limitations in the efficacy of technology-enhanced teaching.

Abstracts should include a detailed description of the paper’s organization, as well as an explanation of how it fits into the theme of the session. Please send a one page abstract to Professor Charlotte Melin at by March 10, 2010.

Fernando Rubio
Co-Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Languages and Literature
University of Utah
(801) 581-4610

New Template for web site now has a new template and most pages have been added. Members who wish to get an account so that they can blog may contact the president.

Any input and feedback is highly encouraged: what can do for you? What can we offer here that we currently do not provide?

We look forward to hearing from you!

New Web Site Online!

The new site is online! We’ll need a few days to make everything nice and pretty, and also to move our content over. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks to Ryan and Gus to make this switch possible!