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Dates: April 20-21, 2018 (Fri. & Sat.)

Theme (and topics): The Post-Lab Era: roles of LRCs and labs, transitioning from all F2F to hybrid formats, mobile-assisted language learning, teacher training, and assessment

HostUniversity of Washington Language Learning Center

Conference Materials:


  • $50 for General Public (includes SWALLT membership & conference registration)
  • $20 for Students

If you would like to give a presentation, please send in an abstract by March 2nd, 2018, to We will be announcing accepted presentations by March 9th.

Please consult the NWALL website for more information on lodging, program, etc. as this will become available. Registration details will be posted soon.

2016 SWALLT Conference Materials


Integrating study abroad into the graduation portfolio through the student lens
By Yoshiko Saito-Abbott
Director, Monterey Bay World Language Project
California State University, Monterey Bay
By Jeff Winters
Director, CLA Language Labs
California State University Long Beach
By Trevor Shanklin
Director, LARC Language Lab
San Diego State University
Inventing the New Renaissance Generation (PDF)
By Clarissa Clò
Associate Professor of Italian and European Studies
Director of the Italian Studies Program
San Diego State University
By Maria Bolivar
Spanish Instructor
San Diego State University
Spanish 1     Spanish 2     Spanish 3     Spanish 4
By Nikki Karl
Spanish Instructor
DeMatha Catholic High School
By Gina Bushnell
Instructor in Spanish / English translation and interpretation
San Diego State University
By Jeremy Browne
Coordinator, Digital Humanities and Technology Program
Brigham Young University

Join us at the LARC in San Diego State for SWALLT 2016

Digital Humanities and Foreign Language Learning

Dates: April 1 – 2, 2016
Host Institution: Language Acquisition Resource Center, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Conference Program
Conference Materials
Conference Flyer

Language Resource Centers have been a gathering point for the advent of digital technology in the learning and teaching of foreign languages. We have experienced the transformation from analog recording systems and computer based worksheets to the use of locally-based and virtual digital tools. And among these tools are Language Resources, monolingual, bilingual and parallel corpora, translation memories, sites that channel news sources – the list is almost endless. Along with this has come the opportunity for learners to co-create and share content. The language classroom and the language resource center are thus the innovation centers if you will for the foreign language learning curriculum. Above all, language teachers cannot ignore the work being done in creating usable content and applicable tools. And this makes language learning truly cross-disciplinary.

Any examples of research being conducted or used, cross-disciplinary endeavors and lesson-based content creation would be particularly welcome.

Conference Registration Fees:

  • $35.00 General Public
  • $15.00 Students
  • $50.00 Vendors

Join us at UCLA for SWALLT 2014

Greetings fellow SWALLTers! After successful conferences at Arizona State and BYU, our organization’s next conference will return to California on April 11-12, 2014. Our conference host, Michael Samojlik (Language and Instructional Labs Coordinator in UCLA’s Center for Digital Humanities), has announced the Call for Proposals, as well as initial registration deadlines. Please visit the official conference website for details. Information about lodging, as well as the link to the registration form, will be posted as they become available. For now, mark the dates on your calendar, and start thinking about a proposal you’d like to submit.

I hope to see you all there!

November 15th, 2013: Becoming Digital: Online Identity, Personal Domains, and Arriving Upon the Web

martha burtis

Please join us for our webinar by Martha Burtis, Special Projects Coordinator, University of Mary Washington on “Online Identity, Personal Domains, and Arriving Upon the Web.”

“Our students are living more and more of their lives in mediated, online spaces, yet they have few opportunities to reflect upon the meaning of those spaces, or how their activities in those spaces build the larger fabric of the Web. Are we doing enough in our institutions to cultivate a conversation about our online existence? Do we ourselves understand our own place and practices on the Web? Can we afford to ignore the Web as a space in which we (and our students) are increasingly exploring the world and our place in it?

At the University of Mary Washington, this fall we launched a project titled “Domain of One’s Own.” Its purpose is to provide all students with their own, self-determined and self-controlled presence on the Web, and in doing so we hope to think more deeply and carefully as an institution about how the Web is altering the practice of life. I hope to use this presentation to make a case for why projects like Domain of One’s Own (and the conversations they provoke) are essential to higher education.”

Becoming Digital: Online Identity, Personal Domains, and Arriving Upon the Web

Martha Burtis, Special Projects Coordinator, University of Mary Washington
Friday, November 15th, 2013
12pm – 1pm Pacific

(Please note: this presentation was originally scheduled for Thursday, Nov 7th, and was rescheduled due to illness.)

February 8th, 2013: Recent Developments in Copyright and Fair Use

Please join us for a collaborative webinar discussing recent cases and developments in copyright and fair use as it applies to education. Judy Shoaf, Director, University of Florida Language Learning Center, will be joining us to discuss these recent court cases and the affect they can potentially have at our institutions. 


Recent Developments in Copyright and Fair Use

Judy Shoaf, Director, University of Florida Language Learning Center
Friday, February 8th, 2013
12pm – 1pm Pacific

UPDATE: the recording of this session is now available.

Join us at BYU for SWALLT 2013

Language Assessment: Theories, Methods, and Implementations

Dates: March 8-9, 2013
Host Institution: Brigham Young University, Provo UT

The importance of language assessment and measuring learning outcomes has never been greater. The Southwest Association for Language Learning Technology, a regional group of IALLT, will hold its annual conference at Brigham Young University, an institution noted for its work in language assessment. The conference seeks to address all facets of assessment and measurement within the broad range of language learning. This conference, hosted by the BYU English Language Center, the Office of Digital Humanities, and the College of Humanities, will feature a keynote address by Ray Clifford, BYU Associate Dean and Director of the Center for Language Studies.

March 9th, 2012: Unveiling the New Stanford Digital Language Lab

Please join us for a collaborative webinar about the new Stanford Digital Language Lab to open Summer 2014. Beth McCullough, Senior Learning Spaces Manager, will join us to describe her design approach to the new Academic Computing Services Facility where the Digital Language Lab will be located. We will unveil the latest architectural drawings of the new Language Lab and give everyone a tour of the Lab spaces. We would like to draw upon the experience and talent of webinar participants for suggestions and comments in this interactive SWALLT webinar.

Unveiling the New Stanford Digital Language Lab
Beth McCullough, Senior Learning Spaces Manager, Academic Computing Services, Stanford University
Joseph Kautz, Head, Stanford Digital Language Lab
Friday, March 9th 2012
12pm – 1pm Pacific

UPDATE: the recording of this session is now available.