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Webinar with Dr. Cindy Brantmeier

Diagnosing Strengths and Weaknesses of Foreign/Second Language Readers

Recorded on Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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Presentation Description

Foreign/Second language (FL) reading is an outward manifestation of an inward process that cannot be observed, and it is also an ability that some language programs take for granted. This presentation will begin with a brief review of models that treat FL reading, and it will highlight the research that determines specific cognitive, linguistic, and affective contributions to FL reading capabilities. With this foundation, the presentation will move to a discussion about the assessment of FL reading. To date, research has not revealed the perfect test to measure reading comprehension, and consequently a variety of assessment tasks (recall, sentence completion, multiple choice, etc.) are utilized in order to capture a true depiction of the reading process. An explanation of the research on the merits and shortcomings of different assessment tests frequently used to measure reading skills and comprehension will be offered with corresponding suggestions for instructional practice. The presentation will conclude with findings and practical implications of two different studies that utilize self-assessment inventories and metacognitive questionnaires to diagnose strengths and weaknesses of individual readers.

Presenter Bio

Professor Cindy Brantmeier

Professor Cindy Brantmeier (Ph.D. Indiana University) is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Spanish in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Washington University in St. Louis. She is Co-Director of the Graduate Certificate in Language Instruction, Director of Teaching Assistant Training, Director of Advanced Spanish Language Program, and Director of the Minor in Applied Linguistics. She also oversees department placement and assessment. Professor Brantmeier is the principal investigator in the Language Research Laboratory. Her empirical investigations concern adult second language reading, language research methodology, language testing and assessment, and language learning and technology. Her edited and co-edited book and volumes include Revisiting the MLA Report on Reconfiguring Foreign Language Programs: The Role of Reading (Co-edited with D. Pulido, 2010), Crossing Languages and Research Methods: Analyses of Adult Foreign Language Reading (Ed., 2009), Reading in languages other than English (Co-edited with K. Koda, 2009), and Adult foreign language reading: Theory, research and implications (Ed., 2004). Her work (over 40 articles and book chapters) has appeared in journals such as The Modern Language Journal, System, Foreign Language Annals, Reading in a Foreign Language, among others. She has given invited presentations of her research in Argentina, Costa Rica, Malaysia, the Republic of Georgia, The Netherlands, Oxford (UK), and at universities in the USA. Professor Brantmeier teaches courses on linguistics and language learning, second language reading and writing, language teaching methodology, phonology and dialectology, and language learning and technology.

Professor Brantmeier holds affiliate appointments in the Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Psychology program, the Linguistics program, the Department of Education, the Department of Psychology, and the Learning Sciences program.

For questions about the webinar please contact Evan Rubin (erubin@projects.sdsu.edu / 619-594-1223)

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