Join us this January 8th and 9th, 2020, for the first LTC Instructor Workshop. Mornings will include plenary sessions on topics such as: teaching students with proficiency levels that are unbalanced across modalities, choosing and implementing activities that engage with target language materials, and successfully and effectively implementing project-based teaching, among others. In the afternoons, participants will break into smaller workshop groups and work with the topics to create new materials and/or adjust existing curricula.

Explore the website for further information on the conference days, guest speakers, plenary session topics, the trolley system, San Diego, and the workshop hotel.

There is only one workshop hotel, the Marriott Resort and Hotel at Mission Valley. Directors/coordinators making their own travel arrangements are free to book any hotel they choose. If you do choose to use the Marriott, the conference hotel rate ($115/night) will be extended to you. To access that rate, please use the link provided here or on the Hotel website page.

IMPORTANT: Registration must be completed by Monday, November 25, 2019. (CLOSED)

Book your flight to San Diego as soon as possible. Plan to fly in on Tuesday, January 7, and out on Friday January 10, to take full advantage of the workshop and networking opportunities. We are operating on a budget for this type of event, so please look for economical flights in the $300-$500 range, if possible. If your flight is going to cost more, please contact conference manager, Stacy Nyikos (snyikos@sdsu.edu), ASAP. Or, if you are planning to arrive early or stay longer than the workshop date range, the budgetary restrictions still apply, and please let Stacy Nyikos know. This information is part of the reimbursement process.