LARC Languages

The Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) promotes effective teaching and learning of world languages. Over the years, LARC has built extensive instructional expertise in the area of less commonly taught languages: it provides immersive linguistic and cultural experience in a variety of traditional and intensive courses that are offered to different audiences (students, military and government personnel, university staff); it creates teaching and learning materials; and it provides professional development for both the experienced and non-experienced teachers in these languages. In addition to languages listed on the website, LARC continues provided customized courses in many other less commonly taught languages (e.g. Georgian, Levantine Arabic, Swahili. [add]). (LARC has also forged ties with other SDSU departments that share our vision of less commonly taught languages being an integral part of world language education. )

Additionally, LARC promotes the teaching of the mainstream languages, such as French and Spanish, by emphasizing the less widely studied linguistic varieties (e.g. providing courses in sub-Saharan French) and cultural aspects.