Welcome to the Southern Area International Languages Network (SAILN)

San Diego Imperial and Orange Counties

SAILN (Southern Area International Languages Network) is one of seven sites under the California World Language Project (CWLP), affiliated with the California Subject Matter Project (CSMP). SAILN has served the world language teacher population of the San Diego County area by offering high quality of ongoing and systematic professional development since 1990. Currently SAILN is housed at San Diego State University as one of the Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) projects.

The project offers year around Standard-based professional development (Modules A – D, Foundational to Leadership Workshops) opportunities for all language teachers including k-12 public school teachers, heritage/community school teachers, after school program teachers, etc. to further develop their instructional teaching competencies. Furthermore, these professional development programs enable teachers to take on leadership roles in the classroom as well as at their school and at the district level. Upon completion of 120 hours of professional development in the SAILN Project Modules, teachers become CWLP Fellows, which empowers them to become SAILN Project interns, trainers, and future state level advocates.

Mission and Vision

SAILN’s mission is closely connected to the LARC and CSMP’s missions and goals. LARC “fosters effective teaching of world languages locally, regionally, and nationally and pursues this through initiatives involving research-based design and delivery of language and culture programs, teacher professionalization, and assessment.”

CSMP aims to involve every language teacher in supportive professional learning communities and “supports highly effective teaching, supports English Language Learning and academic literacy, provides technical assistance to partner schools & districts, and assess the impact of professional development.”


Southern Area International Language Network (SAILN): CWLP Regional Site

The SAILN professional development team is composed of language teachers from both secondary and university levels who serve world language teachers in Imperial, Orange, and San Diego Counties (Region 9A/9B service area).


Email: larc.sailn@sdsu.edu
Phone: 619-594-5810
Fax: 619-594-0511


San Diego State University
Storm Hall (SH 2nd Floor), Room 204
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-8305
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