This advanced immersive course at the ILR level 3 (reading and listening), and levels 2 to 2+ (speaking), exposes students to the target language and culture. The program is designed to help learners gain practice and confidence in using the target language at professional levels of proficiency in listening and reading, and in communicating orally in formal and informal environments. This includes interactions with guest speakers and conversation partners, and, when the course takes place at SDSU-LARC facilities, excursions to communities and businesses where the target language is used.

Course Objectives:
  1. Handle with ease and confidence a large number of communicative tasks.
  2. Produce speech using paragraph level discourse consistently.
  3. Engage in conversation on a variety of cultural and social topics formally and informally.
  4. Deal with a situation with a complication.
  5. Maintain a good degree of linguistic accuracy.
  6. Understand standard speech from a variety of countries.
  7. Follow linguistically complex extended discourse (academic, speeches, professional settings, etc.).
  8. Command a broad range of vocabulary, including precise, and specialized type of vocabulary embedded in complex grammatical structures.
  9. Interpret cultural references.
  10. Understand text from different genres dealing with a wide range of familiar and unfamiliar subjects.
  11. Understand text featuring argumentation, supported opinion, and hypothesis, and use abstract linguistic formulations.
  12. Comprehend text through the command of broad, precise, and specialized vocabulary and complex structures.
  13. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the target language’s culture and society and apply that knowledge to the context.
Target goal: Reading/Listening - 3 or higher, Speaking - 2 or higher (recommended course length of three to five weeks) Immersion Sample Syllabus 

This intensive program exposes students linguistically and culturally to the Korean language at the ILR level 3/3/2 in reading, listening, and speaking. The curriculum is designed to help learners practice and gain confidence using the language at higher levels (L3/3/2) of proficiency as defined by the Interagency Language Roundtable. The course is heavily student-centered and conducted exclusively in Korean. During the program, students interact socially, culturally, and linguistically with first-language speakers. These interactions include expert speakers’ seminar sessions, frequent trips to community centers and events, interaction with community members, visits to restaurants and shops, and conversational interviews with first-language speakers.

Duration:         3–5 weeks

Sample Korean Immersion syllabus 

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