In close collaboration with the Departments and Centers at the College of Arts and Letters, LARC can and has taught a wide variety of languages:



In addition, SDSU-LARC itself also offers less commonly taught languages:

DariPashtoRegional varieties of Arabic:
DutchSomali- Egyptian
GeorgianUrdu- Iraqi
- Levantine
- Yemeni


The languages most often requested are:

Arabic (including Modern Standard Arabic, Levantine, and Iraqi)

Courses are taught at the following levels: 1) Novice (Tactical); 2) Multi-level advanced (Professional); 3) Iso-immersive; 4) Conversion; and 5) University courses (Summer intensive programs).

For more information on languages, courses, and levels, click on any of the languages.

At LARC, we are constantly working to improve and expand our offerings. For any languages or level of instruction not listed above, if you are a Department of Defense entity, please contact We will collaborate with you to create a course tailored to your participants’ needs.