Upcoming LARC Teaching Workshop

On Monday, April 8, at 4 p.m., we will hold another LARC Teaching Workshop this time on Creating Real-life Scenarios, led by Dr. Cecile Nedellec. The workshop will take place both in-person at Alvarado Room 106 and online. Instructors are encouraged to take an active role in learning about the LARC approach to teaching. Registration is required for attendance. Register for the workshop here.

“Interpersonal communication affects the hearts, minds, and actions of individuals as they function in the everyday social world (Braithwaite, Schrodt 2015). This workshop focuses on the development of interpersonal communication prompts. Participants will discover and practice a technique that will allow them to easily write real life scenarios in order to increase their students' engagement while working on their interpersonal writing and speaking skills.”

Additional Links for LARC Instructors

  • SAILN (Southern Area International Languages Network) - Year-round Standard-based professional development opportunities
  • STARTALK - Student world language learning programs

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