Language Training Center (LTC)

With over one decade of experience in serving the training needs of local military, most recently as one of the inaugural Pilot Language Training Centers, LARC-SDSU is an excellent location for a university-based Language Training Center. LARC-SDSU already possesses the necessary infrastructure and experience to provide strategic operational language, culture, and area studies training required by active duty, reserve, and ROTC.

On Demand: 5-8 week Afghan Language (Pashto and/or Dari) Initial Acquisition Training

Languages in which similar requests at the ACTFL novice through superior levels (ILR 0+ to 3) can be made:

If you are a US Marine seeking language and culture training, please contact Mr. Kevin Kylis, IMEF PTP Liaison, TECOM Training Support Center,, or (760) 763-4109, to initiate your request.

To make a general inquiry about language and culture training possibilities for Department of Defense personnel, contact Mr. Chris Brown,, 619-594-7131, or Dr. Mathias Schulze,, 619-594-0958.