LARC Staff

Dr. Mat Schulze

Director of LARC / LTC Director
Dr. Mat Schulze is the Director of the Language Acquisition Resource Center at San Diego State University and as Professor of German at San Diego State University.
Phone: (619) 594-0958
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Chris Brown

LARC Managing Director / LTC Director
Chris supports the director and other LARC team members in the design and implementation of LARC’s externally funded international programs and initiatives. He holds graduate degrees and certificates in Second Language Instruction, Spanish Linguistics, and Higher Education Leadership. His doctoral dissertation is titled “Discursive Leadership: Exploring the “black box” challenge in transcultural leadership studies.” His research interests focus on the intersection of organizational theory and behavior, leadership, and transcultural communication.
Phone: (619) 594-7131

Dr. Farid Saydee

Associate Director of LARC / Director of Instruction of LTC and Project GO Programs
Farid has a PhD in Education from the SDSU/Claremont Graduate University. His area of focus is curriculum and instructional design. He oversees the development of curriculum and instruction in languages of Central and South America, Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East
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Phone: (619) 594-7447
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Dr. Trevor Shanklin

Director of Lab Operations
Trevor received his MA from Ruprecht Karl University in Heidelberg, Germany, and his doctorate from the University of Southern California. Both degrees are in theoretical linguistics. Since graduating, Trevor has worked in teacher training, both abroad and in the US. Among other institutions he has been affiliated with the leading humanities university in Budapest, Hungary, the Soros Open Society Foundation and former BIA schools on the Navajo reservation through an Eisenhower Grant. A key element in training has been enhancing the foreign language curriculum with technology in conjunction with resource centers. Trevor now coordinates the use of the LARC language labs and co-directs the CAST project.
Phone: (619) 594-5445

Shahnaz Ahmadeian

LTC Director of Special Programs and SAILN Director
Shahnaz Ahmadeian Fard is a PhD student in Education at the Claremont Graduate University/San Diego State University with an emphasis on teaching and learning of world languages. Her MA is in Policy Studies in Language and Cross-Cultural Education. Since 2013, Shahnaz has been the Program Co-director and Curriculum Developer of the STARTALK Teacher Training and Student Camp Programs. As the director of DLI Persian Immersion program, Shahnaz develops and oversees the internal budgets for non-instructional elements of the programs and oversees the implementation of the program.  In addition, she is the director of SAILN-California World Language Projects where she manages and leads the program’s ongoing activities. She also teaches elementary through advanced Persian classes to ROTC students through Project GO (Global Officers).
Phone: (619) 594-0846

Raquel Cardoso

Administrative Services and Personnel Coordinator
Raquel Cardoso is our current office manager, who assists management and program managers with all aspects of administrative detail. She also plays a major role in LARC’s Personnel and Payroll Management.
Phone: (619) 594-7887

Marcia Ledezman-Macias

Information Technology Consultant
Marcia is the Information Technology consultant for the LARC Center. She has Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and an Master of Science degree in Computer Science from SDSU.
Phone: (619) 594-4475

Evan Rubin

Director of Instructional Technology
Project GO Coordinator
Evan Rubin is the director of instructional technology and design and the Project GO coordinator at LARC. He was the primary developer of the RICL Online Iran, Afghan, and Pakistan Culture Course, technology and teacher training workshops, and the development of the the Social Media and Language Learning (SMaLL) portal.
Phone: (619) 594-1223

Breshna Aziz

LTC and STARTALK Instructor, Curriculum Developer, and Teacher Trainer
Breshna Aziz has an MA in Education Learning Design and Technology and a BA in Russian language and Communication from San Diego State University. In addition to teacher development, Breshna teaches elementary-advanced courses in Dari and Pashto languages. She is a fellow and professional developer at SAILN/California World Language Project (CWLP) and an ACTFL – OPI Dari and Pashto tester.
Phone: (619) 594-1259
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Iman Bakour-Aziz

LTC Levantine Program Coordinator
Phone: (619) 594-5684

Dr. François Vanleene

Linguistic Researcher, LTC Instructor, and Curriculum Designer
François Vanleene has a Ph.D. in linguistics, a M.A. in Second Language Acquisition and a B.A. in French literature, from the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. He is currently a curriculum designer, a LTC instructor and a researcher at LARC, where he started to work in 2013. During his 15 years of experience as a SLA teacher in France, Spain, China, Singapore and the U.S, he gradually focused his activities on the integration of technology in the classroom, the formative assessment analysis and the teaching of French civilization.
Phone: (619) 594-8968

Dr. Nadezda Novakovic

Senior Researcher, STARTALK Portuguese Director
Nadezda has a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Cambridge. Nadezda has over ten years of research experience in the areas of language testing and assessment both in the European and US educational context. She has a special interest in less commonly taught languages, performance assessment, and learner motivation.
Phone: (619) 594-8968

Lina Hariri-Hajj

Project Specialist & Publications Designer
Lina Hariri-Hajj is a project specialist who assists in coordinating LARC’s Arabic program. She is also the graphic designer responsible for LARC’s publications and brochures. In the community she has served as Vice Principal of the Arabic Learning Center of San Diego for 6 years. Beyond LARC’s marketing materials, she is also designing Arabic Language Through Dialogue books.
Phone: (619) 594-5684

Bernhard Blaette

Software Engineer Consultant
Bernhard Blaette is our specialist for social media and language learning technology. He develops applications such as The Lesson Plan Generator (LPG) and the Social Media and Language Learning (SMaLL) portal. He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science and contributes his technical expertise, innovative ideas and programming skills to the LARC.
Phone: (619) 594-3816

Lamba Mohamad-Aziz

Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator
Lamba holds a B.A. from the University of California, San Diego in Psychology. As the administrative assistant and events coordinator for the Language Training Center and STARTALK programs at LARC/SDSU, she handles logistical aspects of the programs. Lamba focuses on supporting and bringing awareness to less commonly taught languages offered at LARC. Lamba is also a fellow of the SAILN-California World Language Projects and is ACTFL-trained.
Phone: (619) 594-0913

Directors Emeriti

Dr. Mary Ann Lyman-Hager

Former LARC Director: 1997-2017
Mary Ann Lyman-Hager, Ph.D., is Professor of European Studies and French at San Diego State University, where she was the director of the Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC).
Phone: (619) 594-5480
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Dr. Gail Robinson

Founding Director of LARC: 1990-1997
Gail Robinson was the Founding Director of the national Language Resource Center at San Diego State University in 1990 and served until 1997, continuing as Professor of Linguistics and Spanish at San Diego State University.
Phone: (619) 594-6929
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