Welcome to Project GO program at San Diego State University!

Project GO (Global Officers) is a Department of Defense initiative aimed at improving the language skills, regional expertise, and intercultural communication skills of future military officers. Administered by the Institute of International Education on behalf of the National Security Education Program and the Defense Language Office, Project GO provides institutional grants to 25 U.S. universities across the country, including five of the six Senior Military Colleges. Working in support of Army, Air Force, and Navy ROTC strategies and policies, Project GO facilitates collaborative efforts among universities and between universities and ROTC leadership.

A major obstacle to ROTC students taking courses in critical languages has been the heavy course loads that they typically take each semester, precluding their taking additional courses in language and culture. We address this by:

  • Hosting intensive summer classes to eliminate ROTC students’ scheduling difficulties;
  • Integrating language and culture courses into the Military Science minor;
  • Offering fully online 2-unit conversational courses, designed to sustain language ability, in fall and spring semesters.

There are many benefits to participating in Project GO language programs, including:

  • Receiving a fully funded scholarships for critical language study
  • Improving language proficiency
  • Qualifying for language proficiency bonus pay (*Check with your commanding officer)
  • Opening pathways to new career opportunities that require language and area studies
  • Earning university credits and fulfill language requirements

More information about Project GO eligibility, opportunities, and benefits can be found at http://www.rotcprojectgo.org/faqs

Application Dates and Deadlines

The Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) at San Diego State University (SDSU) offers Project GO scholarships to ROTC students to study Arabic, Chinese, Persian (Farsi), Portuguese, Portuguese Study Abroad, and Russian. Learn more about the summer intensive programs by navigating to the language program.

- Program Dates: May 31 – August 16, 2017
- Application Available: November 1, 2016
- Application Deadline​ ​January 17, 2017
- Student Award Notification: February 10, 2017
​- Student Decision Deadline: February 17, 2017​

Watch the 2015 Project GO and Summer Intensive Video

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