Pakistan Culture Online

Lesson 1: History of Pakistan

This presentation covers:

  • Significant periods of ancient history
  • British occupation in the Indian subcontinent
  • AIML and the Creation of Pakistan
  • Kashmir
  • Ethnic Nationalism
  • Civil War and Succession of Bangladesh
  • India and the Nuclear Arms Race
  • Pakistan in the 21st Century

Lesson 2: Pakistan’s Geography

This presentation covers Pakistan's:

  • Political geography - Location, neighboring countries, cities, and provinces
  • Physical Geography - Mountains, rivers, deerts, natural resources, weather, natural disasters
  • Human Geography - Populations, languages, and ethnicities

Lesson 3: Pakistan’s Economy, Commerce, and Industry

This presentation covers Pakistan's:

  • Economy
  • Industries
  • Resources
  • People
  • Jobs
  • Financial systems
  • Challenges

Lesson 4: Pakistan – India Relations

This presentation covers:

  • Past conflicts and resolutions
  • Current tensions
  • Resolution and Cooperation
  • Recent Developments

Lesson 5: Kashmir

This presentation covers:

  • History of Kashmir
  • Dispute over territory
  • Rise of militants and terrorist groups
  • Different perspectives
  • Speculate possible solutions

Lesson 6: Religions of Pakistan

This presentation covers:

  • History, role, advantages and challenges of religion in Pakistan, especially Islam
  • Basic tenets and practices of Islam
  • Difference between Sunni and Shia
  • Influence of Wahhabism
  • Basic beliefs, tenets, and challenges of minority religious communities.

Lesson 7: Insurgent Groups

This presentation covers:

  • Different types of insurgents and terrorists
  • History, goals, leadership, structure, and tactics
  • Conditions that help insurgency thrive
  • Popular opinion on various groups
  • Viewpoints on ideas central to Muslim and Pakistani identity

Lesson 8: Government

This presentation covers:

  • The structure, function and key figures of Pakistan's government
  • Government policy
  • Complexities and challenges

Lesson 9: Punjab People and Language

This presentation covers:

  • The Punjab people's history, culture, language, and position in Pakistani society.
  • Punjabi traditions and identities mixed with Islamic, Pakistani, tribal, and familial.
  • Relations with other ethnic and linguistic groups in Pakistani society.

Lesson 10: Main Cities of Pakistan

This presentation covers the 5 most important cities in Pakistan including:

  • Pashawar
  • Quetta
  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad