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Friday, June 14, 2019 – Thematic Unit Design: Performance Towards Proficiency

The workshop will open with a discussion of the characteristics of proficiency at the Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Instructional strategies that move learners from the Novice to the Intermediate and Advanced levels of proficiency will be shared. Next, participants will follow a step-by-step approach to design an Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) thematic unit of instruction that emphasizes purposeful communication in real-world contexts. Participants will learn how to write customized Can-Do statements to meet the learning goals of the unit they design. Sample learning activities, formative assessments, and suggested rubrics to evaluate student performance will be shared.

Presenter: Dr. Donna Clementi

Donna Clementi, PhD, is currently a lecturer in World Language Methods at Lawrence University, Appleton, WI. She taught French and was the World Languages Program Leader in the Appleton Area School District (WI) for 33 years. She is a frequent workshop presenter and consultant nationally on best practices in the teaching of World Languages.


Saturday, June 15 2019 – Building Proficiency Across Communication Modes

The “4 skills” of reading, writing, speaking and listening have been redefined in the communicative language classroom. These “4 skills” were often taught and used in isolation prior to proficiency-based approaches to language instruction. These skills are now imbedded in the interpretive, presentational and interpersonal communication modes. The modes keep the skills communicative, which is essential in building proficiency. We will unpack the modes and explore classroom activities, lesson planning and assessment that put the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in an authentically communicative context.

Presenter: Joshua Cabral

Joshua Cabral has an MA in Applied Linguistics, specializing in psycholinguistics and second language acquisition. He has been teaching French and Spanish at the elementary, middle and high school levels for 22 years. He regularly presents workshops on language proficiency at state, regional and national conferences. Joshua also works closely with schools and districts as they work toward building proficiency-based language programs. Joshua is passionate about access to education in developing countries and he works closely with schools in Haiti and Nicaragua where he often travels to work with teachers and students


Summer 2019 – Strand B Program

Strand B program: Participants will be able to review and analyze the new California World Language Standards. Participants will learn, review, and practice teaching strategies linked to the three modes of communication: presentational, interpersonal, and interpretive. Participants will receive support in developing lesson plans incorporating the reviewed/learned strategies, which they can use in their own classrooms.

July 1-3, 2019 + two dates to be determined

Presenter: Dr. Cecile Nedellec

Dr. Cecile Nedellec is SAILN’s program specialist. She contributes to planning and implementation of activities, coordinates project resources, and liaises with project stakeholders to collect and disseminate project information. Dr. Nedellec currently teaches French and English in the San Diego Unified School District. Dr. Nedellec is also a National Board Certified French Teacher and a fellow of the California World Language Project.


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