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2022 Spring – Strands flyer

Strands A, B, and C - Spring 2022

SAILN Strands are designed to build capacity for learning through reflection and inquiry. It is embedded in all aspects of our work and happens both within and outside the classroom. For more information about each Strand, please go to the SAILN Core Offerings page.

Dates of Strands: January 29th, February 12th, March 12th, April 9th, and May 21st

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Day 1 - January 29th
  • Overview of California World Languages Standards & ACTFL Standards
  • Overview of the CA World Languages Framework
  • Backward Design Model, determining learning goals and objectives
  • Levels of Proficiency
Day 2 - February 12th
  • Developing Interpretive Activities
  • Assessing Interpretive Activities
Day 3 - March 12th
  • Developing Interpersonal Activities
  • Assessing Interpersonal Activities
Day 4 - April 9th
  • Developing Presentational Activities
  • Assessing Presentational Activities
Day 5 - May 21st
  • Reflective Practices
  • Lesson Plans Presentations
Day 1 - January 29th
  • Overview of the CA and ACTFL Interpretive standards
  • I Can Do Statement-Interpretive Mode of Communication
  • Reading unit planning steps
  • Using Authentic Resources
Day 2 - February 12th
  • Edit the task and not the text
  • Backward Design Model
  • Application of Universal Design for Learning strategies in the World Language Classroom
Day 3 - March 12th
  • Using the same text across the proficiency levels using different reading activities
  • Various hybrid reading strategies (before, during, after)
  • Technology Enhanced Pre- & Post- Reading Activities
Day 4 - April 9th
  • PACE model
  • Integrating technology into a reading unit
  • SAMR-Triple E Framework
  • Technology Enhanced Reading Applications
Day 5 - May 21st
  • Presentations of reading units with audience’s feedback
Day 1 - January 29th
  • Name the elements of the new CA WL Standards
  • Identify connections between National and State Standards
  • Explore ways to integrate the new WL Standards in planning, instruction, and assessment
Day 2 - February 12th
  • Explore authentic texts as the foundation of the interpretive mode of communication
  • Identify various strategies and activities to support comprehension and interpretation
  • Describe the interconnected nature of Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) tasks
  • Use a model to create an IPA overview and an interpretive task
Day 3 - March 12th
  • Identify various strategies to support practice and assessment of Interpersonal communication
  • Design Interpersonal activities and assessments based on practice and assessment in the Interpretive mode
  • Identify the language functions, structures, and essential vocabulary within your thematic unit
Day 4 - April 9th
  • Identify various strategies to support practice and assessment of Presentational communication
  • Design Presentational activities and assessments stemming from practice and assessment in the Interpersonal and Interpretive modes
  • Identify the key formative learning activities/assessments from beginning to end of your thematic unit
  • Select feedback types and rubrics to support the development of students’ TL proficiency
Day 5 - May 21st
  • Participant Presentations
  • Next Steps for Instruction and Assessment


Contact Information

Shahnaz Ahmadeian Fard
Director, SAILN Project
Office Phone: (619) 594-0846