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Summer 2019 – Strand B Program

Strand B program: Participants will be able to review and analyze the new California World Language Standards. Participants will learn, review, and practice teaching strategies linked to the three modes of communication: presentational, interpersonal, and interpretive. Participants will receive support in developing lesson plans incorporating the reviewed/learned strategies, which they can use in their own classrooms.

July 1-3, 2019 + two dates to be determined

Presenter: Dr. Cecile Nedellec

Dr. Cecile Nedellec is SAILN’s program specialist. She contributes to planning and implementation of activities, coordinates project resources, and liaises with project stakeholders to collect and disseminate project information. Dr. Nedellec currently teaches French and English in the San Diego Unified School District. Dr. Nedellec is also a National Board Certified French Teacher and a fellow of the California World Language Project.


Contact Information

Shahnaz Ahmadeian Fard
Director, SAILN Project
Office Phone: (619) 594-0846