Core Offerings

Strand A: Foundational Level

Participants will learn, review, and practice teaching strategies linked to the three modes of communication: presentational, interpersonal, and interpretive. Participants will receive support in developing lesson plans incorporating the new California World Language Standards and the reviewed/learned strategies. Participants will be able to implement those lesson plans into their own instructional environment.

Strand C: Production Level

Strand C focuses on the effective classroom assessment of world language learners. Participants will review the basic assessment concepts and the concept of backward design through the lens of the new California World Languages Standards and Framework. Participants will learn how to search for, select, and use authentic materials to create cognitively engaging and age- and culturally- appropriate learning activities at all proficiency levels for each mode of communication. They will also learn how to integrate interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational tasks to create meaningful summative assessments of the students’ ability to use the target language in real-world settings.

Strand D: Leadership

Leadership is an act of service to the profession. In this course, participants will delve into the philosophy and practices of leadership as it relates to personal growth. Participants will be challenged to think deeply about their role as a leader, regardless of the current position they hold. They will also be encouraged to take risks with their leadership abilities by pursuing actions and roles that create meaningful change in their context.

Contact Information

Shahnaz Ahmadeian Fard
Director, SAILN Project
Office Phone: (619) 594-0846