Professional Development – STARTALK Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, Russian Teacher Training Program

1) All program participants will get the opportunity to teach during the STARTALK 2019 student program follow up sessions , which will involve three hours of instruction every month over 5 months (October 2019 - February 2020). All participants will be compensated for their work.

2)The program offers three-units graduate level college credits through the College of Extended Studies at San Diego State University. The total cost is $240, out of which $50 will be paid by the program. Interested participants will be required to fill out a separate application form which will be emailed to them.

3) Further continuing education and professional development opportunities will be offered to successful participants through LARC STARTALK program. These will be offered free of cost to the teacher training program participants.

Point of Contact

Shahnaz Ahmadeian, STARTALK Program Director
Phone: 619-594-0846

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