Welcome to the STARTALK Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, and Russian Teacher Training Program at San Diego State University!

Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) at San Diego State University (SDSU) will offer a 3-week hybrid teacher-training program for 16 returning and new secondary and post-secondary teachers from July 15th to August 2nd, 2019.

During Week 1, participants will attend daily online sessions, review and discuss the concepts with their peers and the lead presenter and ask or answer questions about the topics of the standards-based thematic instruction and learner-centered classrooms.

During Week 2, participants will be introduced in step-by-step fashion to the process of effective learning plans creation. The participants will see live models, participate in discussions, and work on hands-on group activities to develop knowledge about effective teaching and learning practices.  Throughout the week, they will present mini-lessons to their peers demonstrating strategies that they plan to use during the Week 3 practicum.

During Week 3, participants will put their gained knowledge into practice. They will prepare teaching materials and teach actual summer camp students, multiple times.

At the end of the program the successful participants will receive certificate of completion, earn three units of graduate level college credit, and be offered further professional development opportunities. The participants will also have the opportunity to teach high school students during the 2019 SDSU STARTALK student program follow-up sessions.

  • July 15 – 19 ONLINE; July 22 to August 2, 2019 ONSITE
  • Place: San Diego State University campus
  • Cost: The program is offered for free
  • Graduation: August 2, 2018, San Diego State University campus