FAQs – STARTALK Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Persian Student Camps

Yes. The program is designed to accommodate high school students who have never learnt the language before.
The program is only offered to non-heritage students who have no prior knowledge of language.
The summer camp is not residential, which means that we do not provide lodging for students attending the camp.
Yes, families with more than one child who fulfill the eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply.
Yes, the cost for the camp (facilities, materials, etc.) is covered by the federal STARTALK grant which allows us to off it free of cost.
We will review all the applications submitted before the deadline and determine acceptance by May 25, 2018. There are only a limited number of spots; therefore it is highly recommended to apply early. Other details, pertinent only to those who are accepted, will be mailed to students once they are accepted. This includes: orientation information, daily schedule details,graduation ceremony information, etc.
No. Only kids who can attend all four weeks will be admitted to the program. The attendance is obligatory throughout all four weeks. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child’s participation in the program is not affected by travel plans, family events, etc.
The program will not provide lunches. Students can bring food or money to purchase food.
Students who apply for college credits will receive grades. The information will be provided on the first day of the camp.
Yes. All children will be awarded a certificate of completion at the graduation ceremony on Friday, August 3, 2018.

Points of Contact

Shahnaz Ahmadeian, STARTALK Program Director
Email: sahmadeianfard@mail.sdsu.edu 
Phone: 619-594-0846