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Accordion Sample DescriptionYes. The returning participants are highly encouraged to applyReturning participants of the STARTALK teacher training program will increase their practical mastery of concepts and strategies related to teaching Persian speaking and hone their skills in teaching practices and delivery. The program will help teachers advance their students' oral interpersonal skills and assist them in creating lessons and activities that are engaging and enable learners to reach a higher level of proficiency. Particular emphasis will be placed on participants' ability to reflect on their own teaching practices and on their students' second-language development.
Yes. The program is designed to address the needs of Persian teachers regardless of the specific setting in which they gained their teaching experience. Participants may have gained language teaching experience at an after-school program, at an accredited heritage/community school, in community colleges, or while teaching other world languages.
Yes, LARC-SDSU Persian Focus program welcomes applications from Persian teachers across the US.
The cost of the program (tuition, facilities, materials, etc.) is covered by the federal STARTALK grant which allows us to offer it free of cost to our participants. The program also covers a portion ($150) of the professional development credit.
Yes. Please submit two application forms, one for each program.
Please go to the Applications part of our webpage: https://larc.sdsu.edu/startalk-persian-teachers/application/
We will review all the applications submitted before the deadline and determine acceptance during the week of April 23, 2021. There is only a limited number of spots; therefore it is highly recommended to apply early. Other details, pertinent only to those who are accepted, will be mailed out once they are accepted. All selected applicants will have until May 10, 2021 to confirm their participation.
The program is open to 12 participants, and we will strive for equal representation of elementary, middle, and high school teachers. Participants’ qualifications will be assessed through a comprehensive review of their applications, a telephone interview, reference checking, and the administration of a questionnaire on best practices in teaching and learning of world languages. Priority will be given to teachers who are interested in attaining certification or those who are applying to the program as part of their required professional development.
All participants will meet once a month on a Saturday during the fall and spring semesters to review, discuss, and edit their lesson plans they created for the following month. The participants will work with their mentors to create the lesson plans. During the monthly follo-wup sessions they will review their peers’ lesson plans and provide their feedback.

Point of Contact

Shahnaz Ahmadeian
Nadezda Novakovic
STARTALK Program Directors
Phone: 619-594-0846

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