FAQs – STARTALK Multilanguage Teacher Training Program

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Yes. The returning participants are highly encouraged to apply.
Yes. We accept applications from teachers who have acquired language teaching experience in a variety of contexts, including at an after-school program, at an accredited heritage/community school, in community colleges, or while teaching other languages.
Yes. The program supports up to four (4) applicants from outside of San Diego. For these participants, the program covers the cost of travel to the January 2022 workshop (up to $300) and lodging.
The cost of the program (tuition, facilities, materials, etc.) is covered by the federal STARTALK grant which allows us to offer it free of cost to our participants. The program also covers part of the professional development credit ($150) for those who wish to apply for it.
We will review all the applications submitted before the deadline and determine acceptance during the week of April 19, 2021. There is only a limited number of spots; therefore it is highly recommended to apply early. Other details, pertinent only to those who are accepted, will be mailed out once they are accepted. This includes: orientation information, daily schedule details, graduation ceremony information, etc. All selected applicants will have until May 3, 2021 to confirm their participation. Non-local applicants will have to send the copy of their purchased ticket as a confirmation of their participation.
Participants’ qualifications will be assessed through a review of applications, interviews, reference checking, and administration of a questionnaire relevant to best practices in teaching and learning pedagogies of world languages.
Yes. The program is followed by an online submission of a lesson the participants will implement in Fall 2021, and a two-day (9 hours) follow-up workshop in person in January 2022. Furthermore, all participants will be provided information about institutions and organizations in their respective states that work on promoting the teaching of world languages and cultures.
Yes. This training was originally scheduled to take place in summer 2020; however, because of the pandemic, the program was deferred to the summer of 2021 and its format changed from in person to online. All applications from 2020 will still be considered although you may wish to send us your updated resumé.

Point of Contact

Shahnaz Ahmadeian
Nadezda Novakovic
STARTALK Program Directors
Email: larcsdsu.startalk@gmail.com
Phone: 619-594-0846

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