FAQs – STARTALK Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Persian Teacher Training Program

Yes. The returning participants are highly encouraged to apply. While the program is centered around the same set of STARTALK principles for effective language teaching, the program is structured differently, and allows participants to put their knowledge into practice at our STARTALK summer camp for kids.
Yes. We are looking for people who participants who may or may not have any experience teaching Arabic, Chinese, Dari, or Persian as a foreign language. However, we do expect participants to have a strong interest in pursuing a career in foreign language teaching.
Yes. The STARTALK Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Persian Teacher Training program is residential, which means that it is open to both local and non-local participants. Half of the participants will be chosen from the pool of non-local applicants. The program will cover the cost of lodging, and participants will also be reimbursed for the airfare and ground transportation costs for up to $150.
Yes, both breakfast and lunch will be provided on site.
The cost of the program (tuition, facilities, materials, etc.) is covered by the federal STARTALK grant which allows us to offer it free of cost to our participants. If you would like professional development credit the fee is $240.
We will review all the applications submitted before the deadline and determine acceptance by May 25, 2018. There are only a limited number of spots; therefore it is highly recommended to apply early. Other details, pertinent only to those who are accepted, will be mailed out once they are accepted. This includes: orientation information, daily schedule details, graduation ceremony information, etc
All applications submitted before the deadline will be considered very carefully. Half of the participants will be local San Diego, and half of the participants will be from anywhere else in the US. We will also aim to have a similar number of returning and non-returning participants, making for a well-balanced classroom in terms of participants’ familiarity with the STARTALK principles for effective language teaching.
Yes. All participants will be able to attend, at a subsidized rate, a series of teacher training workshops offered by the Southern Area International Language Network (SAILN), a wing of California World Language Project (CWLP). Furthermore, all participants will be provided information about institutions and organizations in their respective states that work on promoting the teaching of world languages and cultures.

Points of Contact

Shahnaz Ahmadeian, STARTALK Program Director
Email: sahmadeianfard@mail.sdsu.edu 
Phone: 619-594-0846